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Similar movies like The Thirteenth Floor - TasteDive If you like The Thirteenth Floor you might like similar movies Cube, Existenz, Cypher, Minority Report, Cube Zero... Log In More to explore. ... People who like The Thirteenth Floor (1999 Movie) szepa @szepcsikar. 469 Tastepoints. 0/446 likes in common. Follow Job Lee @joblee. 45 Tastepoints. 0/27 likes in common.

Best Movies Like The Thirteenth Floor Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller The Thirteenth Floor (1999) Computer scientist Hannon Fuller has discovered something extremely important. He's about to tell the discovery to his colleague, Douglas Hall, but knowing someone is after him, the old man leaves a letter in the computer generated parallel world his company has created (which looks like the 30's wi … th seemingly real people with real ...

Movies like The Thirteenth Floor - TasteDive If you like The Thirteenth Floor you might like similar movies Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, Cube Zero, Gattaca, Dark City...

Great Films that are like The Thirteenth Floor Movies Like The Thirteenth Floor On this page we've given a selection of popular movies that we think are similar to The Thirteenth Floor. We understand that when looking for other films like The Thirteenth Floor you might be trying to find other thriller or science fiction films or even those starring Craig Bierko.

Ten Mystery Movies Like The Thirteenth Floor (1999 ... 10 Great Movies Like The Thirteenth Floor (1999) Hope you enjoyed our Top Ten list of movies like The Thirteenth Floor (1999), please share movies you have found similar, and others might enjoy via the comments section. More Movies Like Movies to Enjoy. Ten Comedy Movies Like Sliding Doors (1998) ←

10 Movies To Watch If You Loved Christopher Nolan's Tenet A neo-noir Sci-Fi thriller from 1999, The Thirteenth Floor is kind of like The Matrix: it's one of those movies that make the main protagonist and the viewers question reality.Nolan's fans will delight in the fact that the explanations are not spoon-fed to the viewer. There's also a slightly unnecessary romantic plot and cheesy writing that fans had to contend with in Tenet as well.

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - Rotten Tomatoes "The Thirteenth Floor" is a sci-fi thriller that explores the ominous possibility of computer-simulated universes, where people only believe they are real. Rating: R (Violence|Language)

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - IMDb Directed by Josef Rusnak. With Craig Bierko, Gretchen Mol, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Vincent D'Onofrio. A computer scientist running a virtual reality simulation of 1937 becomes the primary suspect when his colleague and mentor is murdered.

The Thirteenth Floor - Wikipedia The Thirteenth Floor is a 1999 neo-noir science fiction crime thriller film written and directed by Josef Rusnak, and produced by Roland Emmerich.It is loosely based upon Simulacron-3 (1964), a novel by Daniel F. Galouye, and a remake of the German film World on a Wire (1973). The film stars Craig Bierko, Gretchen Mol, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Dennis Haysbert.

The Thirteenth Floor - The Truth Scene - YouTube "There's just one little flaw in your thesis. None of this is real. You pull the plug I disappear. And nothing I ever say, nothing I ever do, will ever matter."

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - The Thirteenth Floor (1999 ... The Thirteenth Floor is a good movie. No, it's not "The Matrix" all over again, but it wasn't trying to be. Comparing these two movies is like comparing Star Trek with Star Wars. Similar in aspects, but very different in others. This is what happens when two movies of similar type are released in close proximity.

r/movies - The Thirteenth Floor(1999) is a must-see for ... There is a reason this movie has a 29% tomato meter. Put simply, a bad script and confusing plot undermined the movie's impressive visuals. The Thirteenth Floor is an enterprising project, full of provocative ideas and wonderful sets, saturated in period sepia tones. And for a while, the story does keep you guessing and wondering.

Movies like The Thirteenth Floor streaming online ... Movies like The Thirteenth Floor to stream online What Similar Movies are streaming online like the Mystery, Science Fiction & Thriller movie The Thirteenth Floor with Armin Mueller-Stahl, Craig Bierko, Gretchen Mol & Vincent D'Onofrio & created by Josef Rusnak?

Any movies like the 13th floor, matrix? | Yahoo Answers the movies i have already watched dark city equilibrium american psycho vanilla sky the machinist I Robot cube 1408 the island primer

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) : Movie Plot Ending Explained ... The Thirteenth Floor released along with eXistenZ in the same year – 1999. Both were good movies, The Thirteenth Floor was better in many ways. They share a pretty similar concept, a world within another world.

Questioning Reality: Revisiting The Thirteenth Floor ... And this film is The Thirteenth Floor. Like The Matrix , the film’s narrative centres around the idea of simulated worlds create by computers, where our protagonist begins to question their reality, but The Thirteenth Floor isn’t as flashy or stylized, the plot is complicated, and confusing especially on the first watch.

The 13th floor (1999) - Movie trailer (fanmade) - YouTube The trailer of "The 13th floor" from my point of view!

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - Movie | Moviefone The Thirteenth Floor (1999) "Question reality." TMDb Score. 70. R 1 hr 41 min Apr 16th, 1999 Science Fiction, ... Movies Like The Thirteenth Floor. Sphere.

Similar Movies : matrix - reddit The Thirteenth Floor. Existenz. The Truman Show. To get an idea of how common theme was at that time, The Matrix, Existenz and The Thirteen Floor premiered in March, April and May of 1999 respectively (in the US at least)! Of those similar-to-the-Matrix movies, The Truman Show is the best, but it's not scifi.

Amazon.com: The Thirteenth Floor: Armin Mueller-Stahl ... The Thirteenth Floor is a well made movie that posits another concept of what reality might be. Rovelli's approach is largely based on experimental results, but the movie is conceptually interesting and more thoughtful than, for instance, "The Matrix" series.